Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Reflecting on the Eco-Fashion Industry

If I were a fashion designer, and I was environmentally conscious, the question that would cross my mind is that if open up my own fashion business, should I make it sustainable? There would be a lot of pros and cons for me to open up my own business that would be sustainable.

First off, the cons would be that it would cost more money to be sustainable. Even though I promote environmental companies and issues on the blog, I still do have to give the facts. The second problem, which is tied to the first, is the overhead will cost more to have pay workers, and also my brand will be expensive as well. The third is finding the niche, which even in the eco-fashion industry, is incredibly difficult to do.

The pros are that my product will be less harmful to the environment, and I feel good about growing my business out of Vancouver. I will also be able to do good for the BC economy because most of  my products will be from BC , it will be good for the environment, and I could make a solid buck out of it as well. Finally, I would not have let go of my passion, and my empathy for the environment to make a profit.

Here is what some local eco-fashion companies said about regular fashion business vs. an eco fashion business, and why they made their business eco-fashion.

Melissa from Adhesif Clothing said that “Sustainability is the way of the future and the creative process is much less mundane”, and also that “I run my business with moralistic value and I practice sustainable solutions to the production process.”

Dandelion Kids  said that, “Sustainability is all around us, and we need to appreciate the environment a lot more than we currently do”, and also “I personally like to support local businesses, in order to give everyone a better life here in BC.”

Written By: Inderpal Brar

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