Thursday, October 2, 2014

Conclusion to Eco-Fashion

Throughout the past month, we have primarily focused on the subject of eco-fashion. We have learned what it is, how to get into the industry, and the major differences between eco-fashion and regular fashion. We hope that you have learned something as well throughout these articles. We will continue to post updates on the eco-fashion industry in BC, as well as discussing eco-fashion companies in BC. If you are interested in getting into the eco-fashion industry, there are many resources in British Columbia available to you. You can learn at an instituion, such as the Kwantlen School of Design, or even ask questions and network with the many eco-fashion companies in BC. You can also check out some of our interviews with Eco-Fashion companies such as We3, Pure Magnolia, Dandelion Kids and Adhesif Clothing for more information. Good luck on your journey!

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Written by: Shaun Kular

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