Thursday, September 18, 2014

What young fashion designers can learn from Eco-Fashion

There are many aspiring fashion designers in British Columbia who are learning the tricks of the trade within the industry. Many of them work as young designers, already starting companies on the fly. Others, work with designers at big fashion companies, while others are in schools such as the Kwantlen School of Design, to learn more about fashion. This industry is huge, and many people of different backgrounds try to break through within the industry. A big, yet under-reported section of this industry is Eco-Fashion.

We told you in earlier articles what Eco-Fashion was, and a brief overview of Eco-Fashion in British Columbia. Now, we want to show you what young fashion designers can potentially learn from eco-fashion. The first thing that they could learn is what makes Eco-Fashion, Eco-Fashion. This can be found here. The next step is to look at the economics of eco-fashion. People tend to stave away from eco-fashion because it is difficult to get into, the clothing is more expensive, and it may not seem as though it would be a lucrative industry. Industry trends tend to show otherwise though, since there are more and more Eco-Fashion clothing companies opening up in Vancouver, especially over the past ten years. There is a growing market in British Columbia, especially as attitudes towards organic products and sustainability continue to become more favourable. 

With organic clothing usually being longer lasting, more unique and strong against the market, there are major opportunities for young fashion designers to break through into the industry. Eco-fashion is the way of the future, and if young fashion designers are looking to make their mark in this ultra-competitive industry, then Eco-Fashion is the right way to go about it!

Written by: Shaun Kular

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