Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Eco-Fashion in British Columbia

Eco-fashion is a growing industry that wants to make profit, but also be able to lower the cost on the Environment. BC is in that growing industry, and there are a lot of ways a student or a customer can look great, help the environment, and be able to help local BC companies. Recently, in our blog, we had an interview with local BC company Twigg and Hottie. They talked about how they are a, “clothing and apparel company that primarily deals with professional women’s clothing while still maintaining a sustainable footprint”, and the passion they had for the environment was, to “focus on the environment [and] integrate several aspects and values within [their lives] into this field”. Next week, we will talk to many other Eco- Fashion companies, and also talk to Eco-Fashion week, which is a non-profit that host fashion events.

As for Students, one of the things Twigg and Hottie talked about for students was to “try to pursue the highest level of education that you possibly can”. Luckily for students, there are many schools that have fashion programs. There is Vancouver Community College, Kwantlen University, Blanche Macdonald Centre, The Art Institute of Vancouver, and Lasalle College Vancouver. If you want more information about these schools please contact the school, or Fame’D Fashion Magazine.

Written by: Inderpal Brar