Monday, June 30, 2014

Interview with Recycle 4 U- Dave

We recently spoke with Dave from Recycle 4 U

Tell us about your company
-Started in 2010. Already being in garbage/recycling game, opportunity in lower mainland for this program.
Put yellow bin in each area.
- All I do is pick up pop bottles, beer bottles, etc.

Is there lots of competition?
-In hotels and bars, there is lots of competition. Not in recycling companies exactly.

Any advice for someone looking to go into a similar field?
-Have to work really hard, roughly $40,000-50,000 put away to get bins.
-Not easy to get into

Do you think its important for youth to get into sustainable practices?
-Good for landfill, economy, make money as well. Win-win for the environment, for landfill, for recycling, and to make some money off it.

Any internships/work experience?
-No, it is a small company
-No students at the moment. Still starting up. Takes about 5-7 years to really take off

What does sustainability mean to you?
-What I’m doing is great for environment/employment, put money back into governments pockets
-Strong outlook in the future
-My company will never go away
-In one word, it’s recession-proof
-People have recycling that needs to go
-Steady career/business

Last comments
-Initially, the city was kind of nervous
-Encorp advertising, started from the bottom
-Donate money back to boys and girls club, grew up on downtown Eastside
-Donate $10,000 a year to boys and girls club
-In the future, kids should run the business no problem.

Special thanks to Dave for talking part in this interview!

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