Saturday, May 24, 2014

Interview with Green Coast Rubbish- Eamonn

We also recently spoke with Eamonn from Green Coast rubbish.

How did you guys start?
-May 2006 at UBC. Started during our undergrad
-It has grown from there
-Offer environmentally conscious disposal and recycling of waste
-Main vehicle is biodiesel
-Also, we measure our carbon footprint

What are your popular services?
Recycling services such as for carpets and couches
-Also did mattress recycling before it was mandated
-Have commercial clients

Is there lots of competition in this field?
-Definitely a competitive field
-In 2006, we saw nobody doing it
-There was not a green initiative for it at that time

Can you give some advice to youth who are looking to go into a similar field?
-Be prepared to work hard, have a good message and to work at it every day
-Build towards a future

Do you think it is important for youth to get involved in sustainable practices?
-Yes, it is key.
-Increasingly more important in everyday life

How about if youth want to get involved in your company?
-Contact us and we’ll talk!

What does sustainability mean to you?
-The things that we need to do in order to progress as a society
-We are embracing, moving to the forefront and becoming more prominent
-Everyone needs to embrace this movement

Is sustainability on the rise?
-Becoming a major issue and from that, an industry
-Being pulled into the forefront
-Finding value in it

Special thanks to Eamonn for taking part in this interview.

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