Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pipelines and Economics

Pipelines are currently a major issue in the Lower Mainland right now. With the whole Kinder Morgan debate, there is several environmental, political, and societal issues that have come to the forefront. An article from the Huffington Post has now shown a potential economic issue as well. In their article, it states that the Kinder Morgan Pipeline project “would triple Kinder Morgan's capacity to carry oil between Alberta and Burnaby, B.C., [and] could come at a net cost to Canada of between $4.1 billion and $22.1 billion.”

That is a ridiculous amount of money that is coming out of taxpayers wallets, all over a pipeline that is not beneficial to them at all. Also “those costs are associated, not only with damage to the environment in the form of oil spills and greenhouse gas emissions, but also with building too much pipeline capacity”.

Now that the economics are out as well, us Canadians have to decide whether or not this pipeline is worth it, or if it is simply put, too expensive for the environment, as well as for our own personal wallets. I think I already know my answer. Have a good day everyone!

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