Thursday, June 25, 2015

KPU signs a deal with the devil (Kinder Morgan).

Some big news went down today, in which the Trans Mountain Expansion Project is giving a“$300,000 contribution over 20 years to Kwantlen’s Environmental Protection Technical lab at the Langley campus”(KPU Website, 2015) . Some of the things that Trans Mountain Expansion will do is give out awards and scholarships to students who are in the Environmental Protection Program (KPU Website, 2015). Vice-president Salvador Ferreras of Kwantlen said that “the decision was about putting the interests of students first. We as a university do not have a position on the Trans Mountain pipeline at all" (Surrey Leader,2015). As a Kwantlen student, I’m angry because I had no voice in this decision. It really pissed me off because as a Kwantlen student, I pay my tuition fees and so I look at the school to make good decision on my behalf. But, they did this deal under the table without letting me, the students, Kwantlen Nation and the faculty know about this.

As of now the KSA, KPIRG and Pipe up network are on the scene. If you have any questions please visit their website.

We are also starting a trend called #stopkinderKPU.


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