Thursday, May 7, 2015

SLAPP suits and Local Businesses

SLAPP suits do not just affect activists or organizations, but they also affect local green business. The first reason how local green businesses will get affected is when governments and big corporations work together. A great example of this would be the BC Government and LNG, in the sense that both work together and benefit off each other. Christy Clark, the leader of Liberal Party of BC, received funding from LNG and Kinder Morgan to help her re-election campaign. Christy Clark paid back Kinder Morgan and LNG by working with them to promote pipeline jobs, and give more funding to trade schools. Not only did they get a boost by the government, but they also got Premier Christy Clark, who did not comment on the pipeline protest or about issues such as Kinder Morgan putting SLAPP suit's on residents. However, you might ask yourself how this affects small green business. Well, it affects them in any different ways. The first way is funding and promotion. The Liberal government promotes, and gives funding to a lot of foreign oil and gas companies, but barely even promotes any local businesses and renewable energy. As small green business, I would take offense to that because a lot of businesses vote for the Liberal Party of BC because they say they create jobs, and promote the economy. That is not true because at the end of the day, small businesses are the ones that can create more jobs for more local people.

Written by: Inderpal Brar

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