Thursday, October 9, 2014

Introduction to Plastic Recycling

What is plastic recycling? It seems like such a mundane question, but with a general definition, comes many specifics that make up this industry. As recycling has become more popularized in the mainstream, plastic recycling companies have sprouted up, and it has become a somewhat lucrative, yet environmentally friendly industry.

The definition of recycling is to “to treat or process (used or waste materials) so as to make suitable for reuse:”[1]. Plastic recycling primarily focuses on scrap plastic, and using it in many different ways. Like I said, this seems like really general and common knowledge, but as we delve deeper into this topic, the intricate specifics of this industry will come into light.

A major issue with plastic though, is that it is near impossible to break-down and decompose, as opposed to other materials. This makes recycling a necessity, since constantly using new plastic can ruin the environment in many different ways, which will be discussed in a future topic.

This month, we will discuss plastic recycling in depth. This includes looking at the different types of plastic recycling, how different companies do plastic reyclcing, the feasibility of plastic recycling, and many more topics within the same context. We hope you enjoy and learn from this month’s topic. And who knows, maybe you will start a company within this industry at some point in the future!

Written by: Shaun Kular


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