Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kinder Morgan Pipeline- Why it's bad for BC

In July 24,2007, there was a “major oil spill that forced residents of a Burnaby neighborhood from least 50 homes”[1] to leave. The construction crew that was working that day complained that the “pipeline wasn’t properly marked”[2]. As a rule, it says that it is “up to the company to mark the location of the oil pipeline before a construction crew starts working”[3], but Kinder Morgan blamed the spill on the city workers[4]. After researching, and studying Kinder Morgan for the past month, I am not surprised by their actions. For years, Kinder Morgan has stated that they are a company that will create jobs, and boost the local economy. But in reality, they do not really mean that.

In a relationship, you have to trust, and stick with your partner for better or worse. Kinder Morgan does not follow that code because as soon as they made a mistake, they were willing to put the city of Burnaby, and the workers under the bus by practically saying that it is their fault, just to save themselves from any backlash. I feel that Burnaby should not get into a relationship with Kinder Morgan because they are a partner that will never put the interest of the city, workers, and residents at the forefront.

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Written by: Inderpal Brar

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