Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kinder Morgan- Issues with Workers Safety

The funny part is that Kinder Morgan does not just not break trust to the community, they break the trust to workers safety as well. With any company, having a safe working place is vital to the workers, the workers families, the public, and also for the reputation of the company. Kinder Morgan failed at this in Walnut, California, “Nov 9.2004…when Mountain Cascade back hoe operator was installing water district…punctured a high pressure Kinder Morgan pipeline”[1]. Killed in the blast were five workers[2]; and also a “fireball injured”, four others[3]. Luckily, Kinder Morgan , “reached separate civil settlements”[4]. Kinder Morgan, as usual had, “two, “serious willful”, violations of California worker safety….not marking the pipeline accurately”[5]. In my opinion, if I were a worker, or a family member of a worker in BC, I would be very cautious in Kinder Morgan hiring me, for the Kinder Morgan Pipeline project. The reason why is that as an employee for a company that has a history of not protecting their employees, and not always taking all the precautionary measures for my safety and well being, it would scary for me to work for them in any capacity.

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Written by: Inderpal Brar

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