Friday, July 25, 2014

Interview with Sketchbook Communications- Susana

This week, we spoke with Susana from Sketchbook Communications. This is our interview with her.

Tell us a bit about your company?
I have a company called Sketchbook Communications. We offer art and ebooks on-line at Some of the projects for reading are interactive. I am interested in working on collaborative projects with dancers, engineers, musicians, writers, film makers, business people and other artists to make books interactive.We also offer communications services to various companies.

When was this company founded?

Who started it?
Susana Roque

What advice would you give to youth who are looking to go into a similar field?
Find a good computer engineer that can help you with the website.You need to network while you are at school so you will have a a target market and places to sell your products....Without this, your aim at selling your products is a hit and miss.

Do you think it is important for youth to get involved in sustainable practices? Why?
Everyone should do at least one thing, especially if it can make a big difference. In my case, the engineer that I worked with coded a book so it could be viewed as pay-per-views. Working in a collaboration really helps. I am an artist and a writer. When you mix different fields into a project, an environmental one, the project becomes more effective and beneficial. It feels good to contribute to having a sustainable planet. Sometimes other people do not think that it is possible to make things happen, until you do it. When I starting working in my company, three of my friends also created a new business. The work you do affects people. You are teaching people by becoming environmentally responsible with what you do. Afterwards, others will follow.

Potential for internships/paid work experience at your company?
I am interested in consulting or working with computer engineers, dancers, writers, marketing specialists, film makers, musicians and writers since my creative work is becoming more interactive and collaborative.

In a general sense, what does sustainability mean to you?
You have to make sure that you leave things as you found them for yourself first and then for as many more beings as you can.

Any closing comments?
Integrate sustainability into as many aspects of your work as you can. It is a way of life.

Special thanks to Susana for taking part in this interview. 



Susana Roque's Website

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