Monday, June 30, 2014

Interview with Tamea Burd Photography- Tamea

We recently spoke with Tamea from Tamea Burd Photography. This is our interview with her.

Tell us a bit about your company?
I’m a local photographer, specializing in headshots, portraits, online profiles portraits and weddings. My style is very much about people looking natural, relaxed and happy. As far as my company goes, ethical and eco-friendly business practices have been very important to me since I first began.

When did you start?
I’ve been taking photographs for over 20 years, and studying photography since high school (history, art, technical aspects, etc). I began my business full-time, almost 8 years ago.

The professional photography business is insanely competitive. But of the hundreds (maybe thousands) of people advertising their photography services in any city, only a handful are knowledgeable about more than just using a camera. Photography is an art form. It involves far more than simply technical knowledge about your equipment. You have to have a way with people, you have to have an eye for composition and light, and you have to be very proficient at using photo-editing programs like Lightroom and Photoshop. There’s a huge, visibly obvious difference between the photographs of a professional photographer and those of an amateur or hobby photographer.

Advice for youth?
- As technology advances, making your living as a photographer becomes increasingly difficult.
- Opportunities are more limited than they used to be and pricing is much more competitive.
- Don’t get into the field unless you understand that there are many barriers to overcome.
- If you really are passionate, do it. But always have a secondary, more bankable skill as well.

Why is it important for youth to get involved in sustainability?

I grew up in a very remote, rural area. Sustainability was a way of life, it supported the local ecology and economy. I learned – as we all should - at a young age, that the only way humans are going to survive long-term, is to respect the ecosystem. We should and do want our beautiful earth to remain beautiful and inhabitable.

Could sustainability and businesses work together?

It’s short-sighted not to realize that sustainability must be a factor for all businesses. Its essential. What good is the economy if you can’t drink the water or breath clear air? The choices business owners make, affect our community, influence our clients, and can create a ripple effect throughout the world. Putting more into the world than we take from it, is so much more important than money. Personally, I keep printed/paper materials to a minimum, all of my images are distributed exclusively in digital format and I buy locally (personally and professionally) whenever I can.

Closing comments?
- If you want to be a professional photographer, be prepared for it to be an incredibly difficult way to earn a living.
- The Arts have always been one of the best things about humanity, so if you’re passionate about photography, don’t let anything stop you.
- As with anything, success is possible if you truly believe in yourself, constantly keep learning, and never stop working towards your goals.

Thanks to Tamea for taking part in this interview!

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