Monday, April 28, 2014

Interview with Kids for Climate Action- Kate

This week, we spoke with Kate from Kids for Climate Action! This is our interview with her.

Tell us about your company
It is called Kids for Climate Action
-It is a youth organization that promotes sustainability
-An outreach to youth through politics, lobbying, etc.

An example of this is the 2013 provincial election campaign, where Kids for Climate Action promoted sustainability
-Tried to make climate change a bigger issue with political parties
-Getting more youth to vote
-They are currently working to bring awareness to the coal exports that are coming into British Columbia

When did this organization start?
-Started by Sophie Harrison in 2010 at the Copenhagen, conference summit
-Founded to engage youth
-This has escalated to where it is today in modern day
-There are 500 people following on Facebook, more on Twitter
-Thousands on the email list

Advice to join this non-profit
-Follow on Facebook and Twitter
-Volunteer opportunities get posted on there
-More of a high school group
-Not many college students but they can be advisers

What does sustainability mean to you?
-Grade 9- took an environmental studies course
-Wanted to make a further impact than just changing light bulbs

Do you see future in sustainability?
-Yes! Youth are becoming more empathetic
-Youth are really starting to care

Special thanks to Kate for taking part in this interview!

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